Certification and Education

The CVA is dedicated to the education, training and certification of Vedic astrologers through our international community of teachers and practitioners since our founding in 1993. It provides the opportunity to study within our network ofrecognized teachers in over 12 different countries. We are an organization of teachers and practitioners, honoring a variety of schools but with no allegiance to any particular school, offering a broad spectrum of education through our diverse community. We have over 100 recognized international teachers who have been recognized with the CVA Jyotish Visharada, establishing proficiency in Vedic astrology, and the CVA Jyotish Kovid, establishing excellence in Vedic astrology. You can study with any of our recognized teachers and practitioners and receive full credit toward CVA certification. Please visit the CVA website to see a complete list of our recognized teachers and practitioners.

CVA Certification Exam Sponsorship

Please read the following sponsoring process in preparation for sitting for the CVA examinations of Jyotish Visharada and Jyotish Kovid. All exam applicants must be sponsored by a CVA recognized practitioner who is a current Professional member of the CVA who will verify the applicants completion of requirements. Please visit the CVA website for a list of CVA recognized practitioners. This means that you must first sign up with a CVA tutor to guide andverify your studies, regardless of your previous studies.

Note that when working with an approved CVA tutor, your fee arrangments are directly with the tutor, except for membership and testing fees with CVA.

Please address your questions and correspondence to:

Sat Siri Khalsa, CVA Provost/Exam Liaison



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