Certification Testimonials

David Frawley

Co-Chair CVA Certification Committee

The Council of Vedic Astrology is taking up a new dynamic phase of its older mission to acknowledge all authentic efforts to teach and learn Vedic astrology in the West. As the former president of the council for the first ten years after its inception (1993-2003), it is wonderful to see its important mission renewed for decades to come. The council can certify anyone who can prove an adequate background in Jyotish at two levels as Jyotish Visharada (proficiency in Vedic astrology) and Jyotish Kovid (expertise in Vedic astrology), some of the important traditional titles used in the field in India. The council is also maintaining its India connections with the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), as well as its willingness to work with all centers, schools and associations of Vedic astrology throughout the world. I am happy to be working on its educational committee to ensure both high standards and accessibility to all who wish to join the greater Jyotish family.

Jim Kelleher

I was very pleased to hear that the Council of Vedic Astrology is expanding its activities to include certification of astrologers. As interest in Vedic Astrology grows in the United States, it is very important that we provide students with a systematic process for learning. I have always believed strongly that this process should include personal contact with a teacher or tutor. I am happy to hear that the certification program includes this very important component of learning. I am sure that the Council's efforts in promoting Jyotish will help to raise the bar so that students can aspire to excellence in their study and practice of this great science.

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