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Lord Sri Rama: An Extraordinary Horoscope

by Dr. Bangalore Sureshwara

Overview of Horoscope:

Sage Valmiki, the immortal poet, has indicated in Canto XVIII of Bala Kanda the birth details of Sri Rama, the eternal-incarnation of God on earth. According to Sage Valmiki, Sri Rama was born on the ninth lunar day of the bright fortnight of Chaitra, when the star Punarvasu was in the ascendant. The five planets (Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn) were in their respective exaltation positions. The Sun in the 10th degree of Aries, the Moon in the 3rd degree of Taurus, Mars in the 28th degree of Capricorn, Jupiter in the 5th degree of Cancer, Venus in the 27th degree of Pisces, Saturn in the 20th degree of Libra. Jupiter and Moon in conjunction in Cancer. Although. The three padams (quarters) of Punarvasu is located in Gemini, and the fourth padam is located in Cancer. As Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and is in conjunction with Moon, it must be the fourth padam of Punarvasu at the birth of Sri Rama. The ascendant is Cancer.

Although Sage Valmiki gave us the birth details, as related to the planetary positions, the actual year of birth is not furnished in Srimad Valmiki-Ramayana or other Vedic Scriptures or Theological texts. The birth date of Lord Sri Krishna is given as July 19, 3228 BC by Dr. B.V. Raman in Notable Horoscopes.  As a starting point, one can say that Sri Rama was born much earlier than 3228 BC. A search-back beyond 3228 BC, can be made to determine for dates that have the planetary positions such as Sun in Aries, Moon, and Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Capricorn, Venus in Pisces, and Saturn in Libra. The idea is to get the exact year of such planetary positions as the starting point for determining the birth year of Lord Sri Rama. However, it does not mean we will be able to establish the actual date of birth of Sri Rama. Our attempt is to merely identify, if possible, the earliest occurrence of the year in which the planetary positions are virtually identical to those indicated in Sri Rama’s horoscope. The remarkable planetary positions shown in Sri Rama’s horoscope can only occur once in many-many thousand years.

Reverse Calculations:

Many distinguished scholars of Hindu Theology and Scriptures have in the past attempted to arrive at the year of birth of Lord Sri Rama, based on astrological-astronomical, theological, historical, archeological, and other information and evidence. Among the methods used to decipher the time of birth, the archeological and theological methods can provide clues for arriving at approximate dates, the planetary calculations can provide relatively more accurate information. While there has not been a consensus among the various scholars on the specific year (or decade or century) of birth of Sri Rama, the continuing dialog, discussion and debate have clearly established beyond a shadow of doubt that the principal incarnation of God on the earth in the history of mankind is that of Lord Sri Rama. The reverse or back mathematical calculations were done starting from the year B.C (or minus 1 A.D) to locate specific dates that showed five planets in their exaltation positions and the conjunction of Moon with Jupiter. The calculations came up 5352 and 7120 B.C years. These reverse calculations only show that a specific set of planetary positions that were virtually the same planetary positions also occurred on these two dates. It does not by any stretch of imagination confirm one or more of these dates are the actual birth dates of Sri Rama. The reverse calculations also indicate that such planetary combinations are very rare and occur once in thousands of years.

Relating Dates to Events in Sri Rama's Life

It is interesting to note that Dr. P.V. Vartak in his book Vastav Ramayan has attempted to calculate specific dates of important events that are contained in Ramayana. After calculating or determining that the date of commencement of the Mahabharatha War as 16th October 5561 B.C, Dr. Vartak came to the conclusion that Sri Rama’s date of birth was 4th December 7323 B.C. According to him, on the day of birth of Sri Rama, Saturn was at 25 degrees Libra, Jupiter at 4 degrees Cancer, Mars between 13 and 18 degrees Capricorn, Rahu at 29 degrees Virgo and Sun at 2 degrees Aries. Further, he indicates that
as Venus is always within 47 degrees from the Sun, it was in an exalted position in Pisces. The dates (B.C.) given by Dr. Vartak for some of the important events are indicated below.

  • Sri Rama’s Birth Date: 4th December 7323

  • Marriage of Sri Rama and Sita Devi: 7th April 7307

  • Exile of Sri Rama from Ayodhya: 29th November 7306

  • Beginning of war: 3rd November 7292

  • Death of Ravana: 15th November 7292

  • Sri Rama’s return to Ayodhya: 6th December 7292

There is no doubt that great and painstaking effort has gone into Dr. Vartak’s studies related to the determination of dates covering important events in Ramayana. The efforts of scholars like Dr. Vartak that synthesize and integrate known historical events with Vedic Astrology is another milestone in the long and elaborate studies that relate to the determination of dates covering the birth of Sri Rama and events covered in Ramayana. The continuing contribution of each and every scholar is an important step in the study relating to the dates of events contained in Ramayana. However, it is to be remembered that the information from various studies and scholars are still preliminary conclusions and not the final word in the matter under discussion. We need to remind ourselves that one thing that is absolutely certain is that Sri Rama is the eternal incarnation of God on this earth.

Is Vedic Astrology Applicable to God?

Before one proceeds further in the discussion of Sri Rama’s chart, we need to answer the question whether one can apply the classical principles of Vedic Astrology to God, who has incarnated as Sri Rama to destroy Ravana, the embodiment of all evil in the world? As an avatar or incarnation, Sri Rama incarnated as a human being with divine qualities. Sri Rama’s role on the earth was not only to destroy the evil that existed at the time but also to show the world that it is possible for humans to raise their characters and behaviors to virtually divine levels. Sri Rama’s eternal message to the world is that while no human can reach perfection, he or she has the capacity, capability and the potential to follow the high levels of character and behavior established by Him on the planet earth. As humans, our personality will walk in the shadows of the towering personality of Sri Rama. We will respectfully study Sri Rama’s horoscope as that of a divine person born on the earth.


Rare and Extraordinary Horoscope

The exaltation of five planets in a horoscope is rare, unique and extraordinary. Sri Rama’s horoscope is possibly the only horoscope in the world to have exaltation of five planets in the horoscope. Classical texts have clearly indicated five or six exalted planets result in the person being an emperor or a mighty king. Chapter X of Sarwarthachintamani (a classical Vedic Astrology text book) covers raja yogas. Stanza 1003 says that if six planets are in exaltation, the person will be an emperor and if five planets are in exaltation and Guru is powerfully placed in Lagna, the person will become a “mighty sovereign”. The difference between an emperor and “mighty sovereign” is not significant. Guru, in Sri Rama’s horoscope is in an exalted position in Lagna and five planets are in exaltation.


Chapter (Adhyaya) VII of Phaladeepika covers “maharaja yogas”. Stanza 1 indicates that a person born with three or more planets in exaltation or own-houses and in quadrants will become a widely renowned king. The five exalted planets in Sri Rama’s chart are in first (Jupiter), fourth (Saturn), seventh (Mars), ninth (Venus) and tenth (Sun). Thus, four planets are in quadrants and Venus is in a trine.

Sri Rama’s horoscope, as defined by Sage Valmiki, is given in Chart 1 (Right). Based on the lordship of the various planets, the favorable planets are Jupiter and Mars. The unfavorable planets are Venus and Mercury. Saturn, Moon and the Sun are neutrals.

The ascendant is Cancer. Jupiter is the lord of 6th and 9th and is in Lagna. Mars is the lord of 5th and 10th and placed in 7th house. Venus is the lord of 4th and 11th and is in the 9th. Mercury is lord of 3rd and 12th. Saturn is the lord of 7th and 8th and is in 4th. Moon is the lord of ascendant and is in ascendant.

Horoscope of Sri Rama

The position of Moon at birth is the key to calculating the major-periods or Dasas, based on Vimshottari system. The Dasa at birth is indicated by the constellation occupied by the Moon at the time of birth. Although the specific time of birth of Sri Rama is not known, Sage Valmiki has clearly indicated that Sri Rama, the Emperor among the Emperor, was born on the 9th lunar day of the bright half of Chaitra with Punarvasu as the ruling constellation. The ruling period at the time of birth is Jupiter. The total years for the different periods covering the seven planets and the two nodes is 120 years. Vedic Astrology
considers 120 years as the maximum natural life period of a human being. The fourth pada of Punarvasu is in Cancer and extends up to 3 degrees 20 minutes. The exact exaltation point for Jupiter is the 5th degree of Cancer. There is also the conjunction of Jupiter and Moon. The determination of the actual degree of the conjunction is a topic of interest, but it is reasonable to come to the conclusion that as the birth occurred in the 4th pada of Punvarsu, the balance of Jupiter Dasa at birth was less than 4 years. The timing in terms of possibly months used in the ensuing discussion covering Sri Rama’s chart is not exact. However, it is reasonably satisfactory for astrological discussion. The nineteen year Saturn Dasa started when He was four years old and ended at 23 years. Sri Rama’s horoscope, as defined by Sage Valmiki, is given in Chart 1 (Right). Based on the lordship of the various planets, the favorable planets are Jupiter and Mars. The unfavorable planets are Venus and Mercury. Saturn, Moon and the Sun are neutrals.

The seventh house represents spouse. The Lord of the seventh house is Saturn and is located in the fourth house. Mars, Lord of fourth and eleventh houses is located in the seventh house, its exaltation position. Exalted Jupiter and well-placed Moon aspect the seventh house. Venus, the significator for spouse, is in the 9th house in an exalted position. The marriage of an individual occurs in the Dasa of the planet in the 7th house (Mars), or a planet aspecting the 7th house (Jupiter and Moon) or a planet owning the 7th house (Saturn). The Dasa of Jupiter was over when Sri Rama was about 4 years old. The Moon and Mars Dasas came at relatively late ages. Sri Rama’s marriage with Sita Devi occurred during Saturn Dasa. There are no afflictions to seventh house and it is well protected. However, if Mars occupies certain houses, including the 7th, the person will lose his wife. The presence of Mars, even though exalted, can be attributed to the Sita Devi’s separation from Sri Rama and the extraordinary suffering experienced by her. Even though Sri Rama and Sita Devi had to forgo the royal life at young age , they were the happiest couple in the forest. The abduction by Ravana caused immense suffering to both Sri Rama and Sita Devi. Her strength of character, will, and determination during her confinement in Lanka are unmatchable by any yardstick from time immemorial.

The tenth house is aspected by exalted Mars and exalted Saturn. Exalted Sun is in the tenth house. The positive relationships of Mars, Saturn and Sun to tenth house indicates extraordinary military skill, respect for people’ views opinions, concern for their welfare and the ability to rule as an Emperor par excellence.

Mars, the lord of the fifth house, is exalted in the seventh house . The fifth house is powerfully aspected by Jupiter and Moon. Again, these outstanding combinations are reflected by the birth of Lava and Kusa. The two sons brought up by Sage Valmiki excelled their own father in courage and valor. 


There is nothing surprising in the horoscope of Sri Rama, but everything in it is outstanding and extraordinary. We have a glimpse of the horoscope of the mightiest military leader and ruler of the world. Even finding two planets in exaltation in a chart is not quite common, but finding three planets in exaltation is certainly a rarity. Now, finding five planets in exaltations is a miracle. The miracle is the reincarnation of God as Sri Rama. Although, Sage Valmiki gave the locations of six planets, the locations of Mercury, Rahu and Kethu are not available. When five planets are exalted, and Moon is in its own house and also in conjunction with exalted Jupiter, does it really matter where Rahu, Kethu and Mercury are located? It is generally considered that Rahu and Kethu give results similar to Saturn and Mars. However, if there is any blemish provided by the locations of Rahu and Kethu, they are minimal and are analogous to a tiny black spot on a handsome face. In fact, the tiny blemish often enhances the appearance of the already handsome face. Mercury is not in its exaltation position. Mercury should be near Sun. Could Mercury be in Aries or Taurus? We do not know. But, we do know that Mercury is the lord of third and twelfth. Mercury
Dasa follows Sani Dasa. Mercury Dasa lasted from 23 years to 40 years. As we know Rama’s life was also no bed of roses after he left Ayodhya. The trials and tribulations that he went through after the abduction of Sita can be attributed to the influence of Mercury as the Lord of third and twelfth. Sri Rama’s victory over Ravana and the triumphant return to Ayodhya can be attributed to Mercury, if one accepts Mercury is located in eleventh house (Taurus).

A Humble Attempt

Our humble attempt has been to get a glimpse of the various effects of planetary positions in the horoscope of Sri Rama, the embodiment of Dharma from time immemorial. The study of any aspect of Ramayana is never-ending. Our discussion of the horoscope of Sri Rama is also a mere beginning. In a nutshell, Sri Rama’s horoscope is an ideal or perfect horoscope.

Pray Lord Sri Rama and Goddess Sita Devi to Bless All.

Copyright: Dr. B. Sureshwara

Dr. Bangalore Sureshwara has been actively involved in the study of Hinduism and Vedic Astrology. Dr. Sureshwara has been a distinguished contributor to THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE, Asia's leading Vedic-Astrology journal founded in 1895. The illustrious Dr. B. V. Raman was its Editor from 1932 to 1998. Dr. Sureshwara successfully predicted the
victories of President Bush (2000 and 2004) and President Obama (2008) in the USA Presidential Elections.

DR. SURESHWARA was the principal speaker on Vedic Astrology at The Second Parliament of the World's Religions held in Chicago in August-September 1993. His lectures, writings and public presentations on Astrology, Hinduism, and Ramayana have been popular and well-received.

Dr. Sureshwara obtained his Doctorate in Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, USA.

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