CVA President's Message 2020

The Council of Vedic Astrology (CVA) is the oldest, non-profit Vedic astrology education/membership organization in the West. We are allied with The Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAs); the oldest education/membership organization in India. The CVA was founded in 1993 as professional community of practicing Vedic astrologers representing a plurality of schools in the Vedic astrological community.


Since 1993, the Council has provided continuing education and certification of professional Vedic astrologers through sponsoring and co-sponsoring educational symposiums and events, but most importantly we have provided continuing education through our diverse community of CVA professional Vedic astrologers and their educational programs spanning the globe internationally.

The CVA's educational and certification curriculum has been extensively developed and implemented since its inception in 1993 under the guidance of the CVA's Certification Committee. CVA's late Chairman, Chakrapani Ullal was instrumental in developing and mandating the Council’s certification program in coordination with CVA’s first President, Dr. David Frawley and the Council board. The current CVA Certification Committee continues this esteemed history under the direction of Dr. David Frawley, Nalini Kanta Das, Dennis Flaherty, James Kelleher and CVA's Provost-Sat Siri Khalsa.

The Council just celebrated 25 years with the election of the new CVA board. We were the first Vedic astrology organization in the west to develop and implement educational standards through the Council’s certificate program representing the diversity and plurality our professional community of Vedic astrologers. Although we started our first organizational certificate programs in the West the CVA now proudly claims professional certified membership in over nine different countries. The CVA is an organization of practitioners, who have passed our rigorous certification standards, not a school, or a college or university. In this way we draw upon a plurality of schools and teachers, which is our foundation historical strength, rather than a selected group of schools or teachers.

We are not a so called college or university, but an organization of recognized international practitioners who have met rigorous certification standards. Although you will find legitimate colleges and universities that offer recognized college degrees in astrology, sadly in these times you will also find colleges and universities in name only, in reality they are certificate programs. You simply need to check with your local, or state governing higher education board to see if these schools and their curriculums are recognized toward legitimate college degrees. Many are not.

Again, the strength of the CVA is that we were the first organization to establish an extensive certificate program in the west which continues to this day. If you wish to study Vedic astrology and are thinking of a certificate program first and foremost please visit the CVA website to see our extensive professional membership on our practitioner’s page- any of which you may study with to become a professional member of our growing community. In addition, please visit our CVA Education and Certification page to view our certification standards. Please contact myself, or CVA's education Provost, James Kelleher, for any question regarding the CVA exams and the date of the next CVA exams.

In addition starting this year the CVA will be co-sponsoring regional conferences that will feature CVA recognized teachers and practitioners, who represent a Who's Who of today's Vedic astrologers. Pleased take the time to pursue of list of professional Vedic astrologers, as it is an excellent resource for study with someone in your area, or choosing speakers for an event in the allied Vedic sciences.


Dennis Flaherty


chakrapani Ullal

Nalini Kanta Das

Karen Wennerlind


Marianne Jacuzzi

Susie Patterson

Mickey McKay

Chakrapani Ullal, Posthumous Co-Chair
David Frawley, Co-Chair
Dennis Flaherty, Co-Chair
James Kelleher, Co-Chair
Nalini Kanta Das, Co-Chair
Sat Siri Khalsa, Co-Chair


Prema Lee Gurreri



Marianne Jacuzzi

CVA Provost

James Kelleher