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The work being undertaken by the Council of Vedic Astrology is vital to the future of Vedic astrology in the West. Under the capable guidance of Dennis Flaherty and committee of experienced astrologers and leaders within the community, I am confident that the study of Vedic Astrology will flourish.

Recent years have born witness to a remarkable renaissance of the ancient wisdom of India through Vedic sciences like Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda have become a part of mainstream culture. Truth may go in and out of fashion, but ultimately survives time and is intended for the benefit of all peoples regardless of distinction.


Likewise, Vedic astrology has been slowly reaching the ears and hearts of the true seekers of knowledge across the globe. It is a spiritual study, and, as such requires that the aspirant approach the subject with reverence and discipline. For Jyotisha to survive intact, true to its ancient roots, all efforts must be made to insure that the Vedic practioner receives proper training and that he or she is imbued with an attitude of service such that they may go forth and use this knowledge for the benefit of others.


Traditionally, in India this process was facilitated by the personal student/teacher relationship and was conducted in the context of a culture which reinforced and validated the study and values that it promoted. In the context of modern times such a relationship is often not possible. This makes it all the more critical that there be a governing body to oversee the dissemination of that knowledge and its practice.


I am confident that the Council of Vedic Astrology is up to the task of supervising the training of qualified astrologers by establishing methods and standards of certification and the monitoring of the process by which the Vedic astrologer receives training. I am grateful to them for this important work in support of Vedic astrology which can do much to help alleviate suffering and promote happiness amongst all peoples of the world.

Chakranpani Ullal


Co-Chair CVA Certification Committee

The Council of Vedic Astrology is taking up a new dynamic phase of its older mission to acknowledge all authentic efforts to teach and learn Vedic astrology in the West. As the former president of the council for the first ten years after its inception (1993-2003), it is wonderful to see its important mission renewed for decades to come. The council can certify anyone who can prove an adequate background in Jyotish at two levels as Jyotish Visharada (proficiency in Vedic astrology) and Jyotish Kovid (expertise in Vedic astrology), some of the important traditional titles used in the field in India. The council is also maintaining its India connections with the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), as well as its willingness to work with all centers, schools and associations of Vedic astrology throughout the world. I am happy to be working on its educational committee to ensure both high standards and accessibility to all who wish to join the greater Jyotish family.



I am honored to be able to share my appreciations of the great work done by the Council of Vedic Astrology, under the leadership of my friend and worldwide reputed Vedic astrologer and teacher, Dennis Flaherty. Since the beginning of my journey on this path of Vedic science, great souls like he and his mentor, Sri Chakrapani Ullal, have encouraged and instructed our community with both the basics and the details of this timeless art. CVA’s special quality is their acceptance of the varieties of bona fide approaches to Jyotisha, according to the individual hearts and minds of those embracing this self-proven system of knowledge. Yet at the same time, devotion to the standards of interpretation of the Vedic horoscope have remained consistent and not been compromised.

On this Vrsabha Sankranti day, I recall with gratitude the educational conferences, referrals, invitations and facilities arranged by Dennis and CVA, and I hope to cooperate more in furthering their mission. As many more thousands of souls become interested in and enlightened by Vedic scriptures, sciences and practical guidance, I am glad to follow on this “path of light,” and to serve on CVA’s certification committee with my fellow international colleagues continuing its educational mission that started in 1993 with the founding of the Council.

David Frawley
Nalinikanta Das


I was very pleased to hear that the Council of Vedic Astrology is expanding its activities to include certification of astrologers. As interest in Vedic Astrology grows in the United States, it is very important that we provide students with a systematic process for learning. I have always believed strongly that this process should include personal contact with a teacher or tutor. I am happy to hear that the certification program includes this very important component of learning. I am sure that the Council's efforts in promoting Jyotish will help to raise the bar so that students can aspire to excellence in their study and practice of this great science.

James Kelleher


I am truly happy to learn the Council of Vedic Astrology has resumed its certification of Vedic astrologers. This good news comes in at a time when the need for identifying competence and, more importantly, conscientiousness in the Vedic astrology community has never been felt more strongly. As the premier and most respected body of astrologers engaged in the proper propogation of Jyotisha or Vedic astrology in the United States of America, the Council ever since its inception in 1993 (then as the American Council of Vedic Astrology), has done yoeman service to the cause of this science in taking it to the educated public in the country and outside. This assumes unusual significance in the context of the fact that the role of astrology as a healing force in a world riven by strife and suffering is indisputable. The certification program is to be welcomed for the rigorous standards involved in it will help bring out the cream of scholarship in Vedic astrology before astrology enthusiasts the world over. The American Council of Vedic Astrology, as the brainchild of the FATHER OF MODERN ASTROLOGY Dr.B.V.Raman, I believe will play a major role in creating awareness and respect for this ancient science in modern times. I wish the Council all success in its work.

Gayatri Devi Vasudev
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