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Certification and Education

The CVA is dedicated to the education, training and certification of Vedic astrologers through our international community of teachers and practitioners since our founding in 1993. It provides the opportunity to study within our network of recognized teachers in over 12 different countries. We are an organization of teachers and practitioners, honoring a variety of schools but with no allegiance to any particular school, offering a broad spectrum of education through our diverse community. We have over 100 recognized international teachers who have been recognized with the CVA Jyotish Visharada, establishing proficiency in Vedic astrology, and the CVA Jyotish Kovid, establishing excellence in Vedic astrology. You can study with any of our recognized teachers and practitioners and receive full credit toward CVA certification. Please visit this page to see a complete list of our recognized teachers and practitioners.

CVA Certification and Exam Sponsorship

Please read the following sponsoring process in preparation for sitting for the CVA examinations of Jyotish Visharada and Jyotish Kovid. All exam applicants must be a current member of the CVA, and must be sponsored by a recognized practitioner who is a current Professional member of the CVA who will verify the applicants completion of requirements. Please visit the CVA website for a list of CVA-recognized practitioners. This means that you must first sign up with a CVA tutor to guide and verify your studies, regardless of your previous studies.

Note that when working with an approved CVA tutor, your fee arrangements are directly with the tutor, except for membership and testing fees with CVA.

Your CVA sponsor must hold at least the equivalent title of examination. Your CVA sponsor will present your satisfactory completion of the exam requirements to the CVA Certification Committee by contacting the CVA Provost/Exam Liaison in preparation for taking the exam. Please carefully read the CVA certification requirements for your level of examination to make sure with your CVA sponsor that you have successfully completed the required hours. Your CVA sponsor will present you with a study guide for your level of examination in preparation for the exam.

CVA Exams Aug 2024.png

We must receive an affidavit of successful completion of the exam requirements from your CVA sponsor, as well as documentation of exam fees; these must be received no later than two weeks before the exam.

After examination, the CVA will award diplomas within 30 days. You must be a current Professional Member of the CVA to have your teaching/tutoring hours accredited toward CVA certification and to have your name, titles, and contact information listed on the CVA website.
Please address your questions and correspondence to:

James Kelleher

CVA Provost/Exam Liaison


"The work being undertaken by the Council of Vedic Astrology is vital to the future of Vedic astrology in the West. Under the capable guidance of Dennis Flaherty and committee of experienced astrologers and leaders within the community, I am confident that the study of Vedic Astrology will flourish.

"Recent years have born witness to a remarkable renaissance of the ancient wisdom of India through Vedic sciences like Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda have become a part of mainstream culture. Truth may go in and out of fashion, but ultimately survives time and is intended for the benefit of all peoples regardless of distinction.

"Likewise, Vedic astrology has been slowly reaching the ears and hearts of the true seekers of knowledge across the globe. It is a spiritual study, and, as such requires that the aspirant approach the subject with reverence and discipline. For Jyotisha to survive intact, true to its ancient roots, all efforts must be made to insure that the Vedic practioner receives proper training and that he or she is imbued with an attitude of service such that they may go forth and use this knowledge for the benefit of others.

"Traditionally, in India this process was facilitated by the personal student/teacher relationship and was conducted in the context of a culture which reinforced and validated the study and values that it promoted. In the context of modern times such a relationship is often not possible. This makes it all the more critical that there be a governing body to oversee the dissemination of that knowledge and its practice.

"I am confident that the Council of Vedic Astrology is up to the task of supervising the training of qualified astrologers by establishing methods and standards of certification and the monitoring of the process by which the Vedic astrologer receives training. I am grateful to them for this important work in support of Vedic astrology which can do much to help alleviate suffering and promote happiness amongst all peoples of the world."

Chakrapani Ullal
Posthumous Co-Chair CVA Certification Committee

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